Okay, I’m giving this a shot!  I have never been a good writer. Never wrote one paper in high school and bluffed my way through college. Not proud of admitting this! But I love to read and now I’m going to face my fears and write a Blog. 

I would like to start by saying:

I truly delight in the incredible skill and art that goes into the World of Jewelry or Wearable Art. I am Saiyo Shaw, who started playing with rocks with my father back in the late 70’s. He was a miner, and in order to visit, one had to go there! And “there” was up in the Sierra Nevada mountains in a hidden trailer near some old mined-out gold claim. 

I was in my 20’s and thought, “Well, I need a break from the madding crowd and will pretend to be a 'hippie'" (which I never was!) I have always worked hard and up to being at retirement age, never used credit cards! I never considered myself conservative, yet I was known to be “different” because my father was an American Indian and I loved the Arts. 

My first love was singing and dancing and acting – the performing arts. But after 4 years in local theater, I just didn’t have the chutzpah!!!! So at 26, I got to know a lot about rocks: cutting them, finding them, and what not to cut or pick up! You know, “Leave-a-rights”! As Dad would say,”Ya leave that right where you found it! It’s junk, ya' wasting time! “ 

This is the first part to, I guess you would call, an Introduction to my Art world. I hope to tell stories that will let everyone know that we all are artists and we don’t have to be great and make lots of money to go play at it. 

So, go forth and Art!