Gallery - Saiyo Stone Jewelry

Jewelry Gallery

Since I sell natural stones, I encourage the jewelers who use my stones to send me pictures of the pieces that they create using them. In this gallery, every piece you see is made from a stone that I have cut for them! I've also included the website of the artist if you'd like to check them out. Following these are a few of my own pieces that I made from my cut stone!

Turquoise Eagle & Cabochon Bracelet by Trudi Madison @

Turquoise & Colorado Oil Stone Buffalo Bracelet by Trudi Madison @

Black Colorado Oil Stone Buffalo Cuff Bracelet by Madi Doyle @

Silver & Turquoise Pendant by Danielle Carlisle

Labradorite Moon Pendant by Paula @ Immanent Grove

Turquoise Dangle Earrings by Becca @

Spiny Oyster Shell Pendant by Vickie

Turquoise Bear Pendant by Brigitte Banach @

Turquoise Cactus Necklace by Lisa Hendrick @

Turquoise & Silver Feather Necklace with Leather Cord Made by Kristi @

Turquoise Star & Moon Ring Made by Jennie @

Silver & Turquoise Star Made by Jennie @

Serpentine Cactus Necklace Made by Bethany @

Turquoise, Oyster Shell & Silver Drop Earrings by Maggie @

Antique Verde Earrings by Kathryn @

Turquoise & Silver Oval Earrings by Mermaid Metal

Turquoise & Silver Jewelry by Mermaid Metal

Turquoise and Spiny Oyster Shell Earrings Made by Kathryn @

Turquoise & Silver Ring by Mermaid Metal

Turquoise Diamond & Silver Necklace by Mermaid Metal

Turquoise Deer Print & Sterling Ring by Lisa Rambjor

Turquoise Cowboy Boot Earrings by Kelsey of Skeleton Key Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli, Rhodocrosite, Turquoise & Antique Verde Heart Necklaces by Kristi Smith at Silver Sparrow Designs

Lapis & Moonstone Crescent Moon Pendant by Genna

Onyx and Silver Statement Necklace by Christy

Charoite & Silver Heart Necklace and Ring by Rashel Fitchet

Charoite & Silver Heart Ring by Rashel Fitchet

Dark Lapis Lazuli & Silver Ring by Rashel Fitchet

Small Onyx & Silver Heart Pendants by Rashel Fitchet

Rhodocrosite & Silver Heart Ring by Ariana Victoria Rose

Howlite & Sterling Silver Cat Necklace by Holly Presley

Turquoise, Shell, Varisite & Lapis Heart Necklace by Alison Joi

Turquoise & Sterling Silver Rings by Andiy Ransom

Brown & White Banded Marble & Silver Bracelet by Maggie Seawright

Pink Alabaster & Silver Necklace & Bracelet by Maggie Seawright

Red Oyster Shell & Silver Heart Cuff by Nicole Lungren

Red Spiny Oyster Shell Heart & Silver Ring by Nicole Lungren

Turquoise & Silver Winged Heart Necklace by Tessa Rand

Turquoise Heart & Silver Wolf Necklace by Tessa Rand

Turquoise Heart & Silver Bracelet by Danielle Carlisle

Serpentine & Silver Cactus Ring by Melissa Jensen

Turquoise Cactus & Silver Ring by Madelyn Majestics

Turquoise Heart Necklace & Earring Set with Handmade Deerskin Leather Pouch

Turquoise & Silver Starburst Necklace and Earrings Set

Pilot Mountain Turquoise Butterfly bezeled in Sterling Silver, Silversmith: Charles Carubia

Picasso Mabrle Bear Pendant with Sterling Silver Bezel, Silversmith: Maria Sjostrom

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