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Since I sell natural stones, I encourage the jewelers who use my stones to send me pictures of the pieces that they create using them. In this gallery, every piece you see is made from a stone that I have cut for them! I've also included the website of the artist if you'd like to check them out. Following these are a few of my own pieces that I made from my cut stone!

Turquoise Star Ring by Yang Pei Chen

Turquoise Heart Rings by Rashel Fitchet @

Turquoise & Silver Heart Pendant by Veronique Braunstein

Turquoise & Silver Oval Ring by Layla of Birds of Prey Atelier

Turquoise Feather Silver Bracelet Cuff by Kristi Smith of Silver Sparrow Designs

Round Tigerseye Ring by Julia of ThirdHandSilversmith

Crescent Moon & Star Turquoise Rings by Jenny Siebold of

Tigerseye Shield Ring by Julia of ThirdHandSilverSmith

Flying Turquoise Heart Pendant by Erin of

Tigerseye Ring by Julia of ThirdHandSilversmith

Purple Charoite Crowned Heart Ring by Carolyn @sweetmoonjewelry

Turquoise Eagle & Cabochon Bracelet by Trudi Madison @

Crscent Moon & Large Turquoise Star Ring by Jenny Siebold of

Turquoise & Colorado Oil Stone Buffalo Bracelet by Trudi Madison @

Black Colorado Oil Stone Buffalo Cuff Bracelet by Madi Doyle @

Silver & Turquoise Pendant by Danielle Carlisle

Labradorite Moon Pendant by Paula @ Immanent Grove

Turquoise Dangle Earrings by Becca @

Spiny Oyster Shell Pendant by Vickie

Turquoise Bear Pendant by Brigitte Banach @

Turquoise Cactus Necklace by Lisa Hendrick @

Turquoise & Silver Feather Necklace with Leather Cord Made by Kristi @

Serpentine Cactus Necklace Made by Bethany @

Turquoise, Oyster Shell & Silver Drop Earrings by Maggie @

Antique Verde Earrings by Kathryn @

Turquoise & Silver Oval Earrings by Mermaid Metal

Turquoise & Silver Jewelry by Mermaid Metal

Turquoise and Spiny Oyster Shell Earrings Made by Kathryn @

Turquoise & Silver Ring by Mermaid Metal

Turquoise Diamond & Silver Necklace by Mermaid Metal

Turquoise Deer Print & Sterling Ring by Lisa Rambjor

Turquoise Cowboy Boot Earrings by Kelsey of Skeleton Key Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli, Rhodocrosite, Turquoise & Antique Verde Heart Necklaces by Kristi Smith at Silver Sparrow Designs

Lapis & Moonstone Crescent Moon Pendant by Genna

Charoite & Silver Heart Necklace and Ring by Rashel Fitchet @

Dark Lapis Lazuli & Silver Ring by Rashel Fitchet @

Small Onyx & Silver Heart Pendants by Rashel Fitchet @

Rhodocrosite & Silver Heart Ring by Ariana Victoria Rose

Howlite & Sterling Silver Cat Necklace by Holly Presley

Turquoise, Shell, Varisite & Lapis Heart Necklace by Alison Joi

Turquoise & Sterling Silver Rings by Andiy Ransom

Brown & White Banded Marble & Silver Bracelet by Maggie Seawright

Red Oyster Shell & Silver Heart Cuff by Nicole Lungren

Red Spiny Oyster Shell Heart & Silver Ring by Nicole Lungren

Turquoise & Silver Winged Heart Necklace by Tessa Rand

Turquoise Heart & Silver Wolf Necklace by Tessa Rand

Turquoise Heart & Silver Bracelet by Danielle Carlisle

Serpentine & Silver Cactus Ring by Melissa Jensen @

Turquoise Cactus & Silver Ring by Madelyn Majestics

Pilot Mountain Turquoise Butterfly bezeled in Sterling Silver, Silversmith: Charles Carubia

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