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"The art of cutting stone is working a piece of Mother Earth and blending it with the gift of thought from the Heavenly Father to become the art you hold today."                                                                       Bob Dooley, my father

Welcome to my Shop--Saiyo Stone Jewelry!

All-american made stone cabochons of turquoise, onyx, lapis lazuli and much more!

I'm Saiyo (say-o) and I've been a lapidarist (stone-cutter) for the last 25 years. It's my passion to share what beautiful art can be made from our Mother Earth!

I am descended from generations of miners so stone cutting and stone artistry is an inheritance for me. My father was a Delaware Indian (and a long-time miner) and passed his love and knowledge of mining, stones and stone-cutting to me. He introduced me to the world of mining and taught me to harvest, identify and appreciate many different stones. From his teaching, I was drawn to the lapidary work. And found some very qualified teachers in the McGinnis family of Manassa, Colorado--home to the famous King's Manassa turquoise mine. They are a family of stone-cutters going three generations back. 
I instantly took to it and spent 10 years in the Colorado working in the McGinniss lapidary shops, making cabochons, mining and even doing the occasional silver-smithing to make jewelry. During this time, I was presented with the Colorado Heritage Award for many work in stone, 2nd place in the San Luis Valley Art Expo and 1st place in the Inaugural Exhibition in Denver Airport.

For a short while, I stopped with my lapidary work and followed other endeavors, but now I have rekindled my love for stones and lapidary work. I have since relocated my shop to sunny Clearwater, Florida, where I continue to cut stone and make jewelry from my new home shop! (Pictured above)

Turquoise, Lapis, Onyx are just a few of the stones that I use in my art. I cut stones into more than just the standard shapes of circles and squares. I cut birds, wolves, buffaloes, eagles, stars, moons, snakes and many more!
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